Page Cemetery Map
Page Cemetery Map (Blocks)
Page Cemetery Map (Block #s)
Page Cemetary Map (Block #s)


    The Page Cemetery Association was incorporated in June of 1896 for the purpose of "purchasing ground and having it properly laid out and used as a place for the burial of the dead".  In 1974 the Cemetery Association was reorganized after several years of inactivity.  An extensive restoration project was underway in 1980 to straighten and raise monuments and markers.  Each spring community members join board members in a work day to prepare the cemetery for the Memorial Day Service.  The Veterans Memorial between the Page Cemetery and St. James Cemetery was restored and dedicated in 1993.  In the Diocese of Fargo closed the St. James Catholic Parish and the St. James Cemetery property and care was then included in the Page Cemetery Association.  The bell from St. James Catholic Church was placed on the Cemetery grounds.  In 2007 a sign was erected showing a map of the cemetery plots and names of individuals buried.  (Information obtained from "Page, North Dakota 125 Years - Another Page in Time 1882-2007".)



Officers & Board Members
Ralph Thompson - President
Jurgen Suhr - Vice President
Gayland Baasch - Secretary/Treasurer
Marvin Thorson, Sexton
Michelle Thompson, Board Member
Scott Davis, Board Member
Butch Erickson, Board Member
Greg Satrom, Board Member
Ralph Mewes, Board Member


Donations and memorials can be sent in care of Gayland  Baasch, 1376 - 133rd Avenue SE, Page, ND 58064 or to Hometown Community Bank, 116 Morton Avenue, Page, ND 58064.  Phone (701) 668-2723 or (701) 261-1939.  Email gbaasch@ictc.com.

Make checks payable to Page Cemetery Association.  Please note:  Thank you's are not sent out by the Page Cemetery Association for memorials.  It is expected that the family of the recipients of memorials will do thank you's.


Contact Sexton Marvin Thorson for any questions.

13751 - 16 St. S.E., Page, ND  58064
(701) 789-0337 (cell)
Email:  Marvin.Thorson@hotmail.com


Click here for information on many of the graves in the Page Cemetery or here for information on many of the graves in the St. James Cemetery.  


See below for an alphabetical listing of the gravesites in the Page Cemetery.  This listing is updated once a year in May.  Veterans are noted in Column A of the list.





Alphabetical listing of gravesites in Page Cemetery. 

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